when Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase rose to 1.5%. Tonight reported that a plane of Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines) Boeing 737 model Max made an emergency landing at the airport in ornaldo following engine failure According to a report of CNBC. In two days the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU, and to embark on a new path of economic and political independence. Instead, the brkazit crashed into pieces. The agreement has the Government make Teresa may in November not to United Kingdom support is “suspended the weakest since World War II”, as he said earlier this week a spokesman for the House of representatives. What are looking for those who are moving to Tel Aviv after the children grow up? More global and here’s the world markets reported that drew natural fluctuation of stock 4% in trading the British Parliament decided to remove the brkazit by Theresa Mae lawsuit in Germany: the submarines because the media would rather live adult couples who come to Tel Aviv? Symbolic step that reflects the loss of control of the Government of the United Kingdom, took Union retirement the day before the British Parliament the reins from my brkazit topic, and will today vote to bar should draw which options it supports and to which he objects. Beyond expressing total confidence in the Government, it is also an practical step, because Brussels has already announced that the agreement was not open to negotiation, and because some of the suggestions are not realistic. Also, the ה”הצבעות legally indiktiviot”, as they are, will not require the British Government.


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