Ceo company sold matrix left for Merv to start-up operations, smanchlit of piplevis, tells about what brought her to the role after she was ceo at v, global growth of investments and the opportunity today to investors to invest in the platform itself starting from only $100,000 platform The innovative investment piplevis goes Round A fundraising round mass investments is starting in the world only in the last decade, but grew up in the list. Analysts predict an annual growth of about 34% of the global market size of investment. And the question is what is happening here and how can you benefit from this growth? At the end of 2017 entered into effect, securities regulations that created the framework for implementing the investment masses “and piplevis” January 2018 was the first in Israel to receive permission to operate the proposal כ”רכז. Via piplevis start-up companies can raise capital from the public fast and easy platform ranging from hundreds of dollars to investors in Exchange for stock options. A few months after the beginning of the company’s new model, Mona piplevis more than 10,000 community members through the platform raised millions of dollars by thousands of investors in startups in various fields. Every investor in piplevis, invest in its portfolio as part of the company’s business model, and in true faith for website projects, invest in any company that mobilizes piplevis itself. Most of nadvorna, piplevis operating סמנכ”לית, ceo SI v and acquisition matrix leader tells:” field so young and already we see success stories startups that recruited us. For example, Doublx raised with us and one year of Nada has invested $2 million according to company investors investing through 6th piplevis “private investors can join the rush with an investment of $100,000. A year ago the company posted was in talks regarding acquisitions by large financial body in Israel. Among the most prominent corporate investors include ROI Eisenman, former ceo of growing investments and currently Chairman of Everest investment banking and is considered one of the leading investment banker in Israel which believes that “piplevis changes the rules of the game in the capital market that was dormant for a long time.” Nowadays the company is completing the recruitment cycle and allows private investors to invest in starting $100,000.


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