Rising: Israel qualified for the League 1 Israel players make history (achtilat aovada, sports) Israel players make history (achtilat, sport aovada) team won the 0:5 and the celebration cenedella Gilboa in Israel officially massad did not qualify for Sunday afternoon, Two cycles to finish the season. Team of Hana “farhud” won this afternoon as part of the 28th inning cenedella/Gilboa in the result 0:5. Before the tipoff came from knowing that winning and losing points of Hapoel Bnei undermined gives the opening festivities. On the Paddock Israel players continued the great tipoff, took the team on the field and in holding the ball and began attacking cenedella’s hair/Gilboa, and celebration of gates was late coming, Muhammad ‘ amriyah, Omer (pair)-Lateef (pair) and occupied amasha oians win bee-ish. At the end of the game the players celebrated several minutes and professional staff with Board members and fans crowd with songs of sympathy for the players and team staff. Coach, Hana, “farhud” after winning פס״ ל״דאבל: “great victory and sweet. We did it in style, want to thank the fans who crowd accompanied us throughout the season, the players, the Board and everyone associated with this wonderful Club from Israel. ” Share your feeling, though a full season and emotions experienced upheavals of the year? “The most beautiful feeling in the world, fulfilling a dream of an entire village, say fails to describe the feeling and joy that gave fans audience led to Israel and this place deserves a League 1. What was the secret of Israel’s success this season? The award-winning actors experience “I worked very hard in the summer to build the roster, made the team the way I want. The players who believed them and thank God glad they gave me back on the paddock and stood on a mission. ” Are you celebrating the rise 4 League in six years. What is missing to Hana “farhud” train in higher leagues? “I don’t miss anything, I’m on the right track. I believe it’s time to believe in a higher League and do well in League lifts higher leagues in which coach group.


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