Terrifying night of Westbrook, Orlando want playoffs just 6 of 20 from the field to the planet in 115:103 to Memphis, the nearer the target with a win 5 in a row ע”ח. Huge drama in Portland against Brooklyn, 59 PT. of Utah a little more than two weeks to the end of the regular season in the NBA and groups continue to fight, whether to get into the playoffs or to get better position for decisive moments. Tonight (Monday) conducted four games when the critical loss to Oklahoma against Memphis and triumph of Orlando at Philadelphia. Oklahoma (31:43) – Memphis Grizzlies (44:30) the 115:103 is already out of the playoffs, but the peak of the struggles and suffered a painful loss, downward until the eighth that may impart them almost impossible series against the defending champion Golden State out in the first round. The star OKC’s Russell Westbrook, he simply horrendous shooting night from the field and 3 of 20 from the line six (endon 16 pt), when Paul Georges was much better from the field (29 ml), but finished with 30 points and 12 RPG. Thus, it is very difficult to win, and when it came down by 18 in the third quarter to minus 5, the Grizzlies could maintain their advantages. Bruno kaboclo, the Brazilian power forward was a pleasant surprise with 24 points and 11 RPG, shinas and alnch adds a double-double of 18 and 14. Orlando (38:36) – Philadelphia (27:47) the 98:119 Mag are great time, just in time to get back to business in the struggle for playoff tickets, while Philly already assured its place there is now a struggling area. It was a close game, with a fascinating battle between Nikola Vučinić (28 points, 11 RPG) for Genii ambid (20 points and 10 RPG). But then, at the end of the third quarter, the hostess opened burners and never looked back until the end of the Chin, or disclosing your details also Evan Fournier (24 credits) a game farm. Now, after five successive victories, Orlando is only half a game from the East 8th it’s Miami and is always close to its destination.

Utah (30:44)-Phoenix (58:17) 92:125 a walk in the park for the Giants, who are fighting for the playoffs, at home in front of the weak group in the West. It was one of those days I decided to give asanes all the balls into the morning, and it is provided the evening’s monster 59 points (almost two thirds of screen team points), while no other player score in double digits. But it takes more than one man to beat Utah, among all five players scored at least 10 and everybody was growing with 27 points and Rudy 10 fight, victory not stood in doubt for a moment.


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