World launch: Honda CB500 racing rider the one British, two degrees above zero and three motorcycles. Like that Honda chose to launch the new CB500 models. Flew to the far frozen Tenerife and to see what (if any) something changed the CB in General and in particular at 500 appears right after it, is one of the most important icons in the history of Honda, both professionally and financially. Already in the early ‘ 70 ‘s POPs twin engine in volume of nearly 500 cc and carried on into the sunset and the countless ways looking motorcycle riders that can be trusted. Already since the first beating proved, on the various incarnations, extreme caution and reliability perfect for m and riders of the mainstream, those who wanted to do first steps on two wheels or those seeking experience and usefulness of a motorcycle without challenge the forces of physics and the insurance too. Nearly half a century, market forces, competition, profit declined and Honda was looking for ways to reinvent or show itself in front of the fan, as well as to increase the number of outside customers. Sitting members of planning, engineering, and marketing advice should be brought, than they have in hand, mixed with what out clients searched resulting in 2013 was the birth of the new CB500, three new models that are actually one bike in three different configurations of the same raw only shachomari the flavor varies from version to version. He soon became a sales hit of the series and so busy company updates are requested the time to maintain and preserve. On the 2016 saon family of “Mike and asked Danish away mainly with upgraded block that included sharper design and colour but also the technical and mechanical side won among others the adjustable suspension, fuel tank, exhaust system and enlarged to Euro 4 standard plus a little touches here and there. Two more years passed, and some requirements have increased, the pressure from sales made, and here at the opening of the year 2019 launched the family Honda CB500 which is basically an upgrade of the upgrade. The base of the engine and the chassis remain and that no vehicle WINS trade know all trainer begins, and what remains to advance and remain competitive is to reinforce what you need wherever possible within the budget. Welcome to Tenerife 2019.


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