Government Bonds rally global leadership of investors seeking a safe haven reverse pungent yield curve: the American agenda for 10 years now in low yield traded at 0.09% vs. Ajaccio for three months, the U.S. Government led the rises after the opening shot of the Government bonds of new Zealand, hathezko after the country’s Central Bank signaled that its next move on monetary policy, apparently, is expected to be cutting interest rates. Returns the index still trading below, after the State sold 10-year bonds at a negative yield for the first time since 2016. The bond rose as strong this past week when a wave of ionic declarations (support lower interest) swept the central banks in the world against the backdrop of mounting concerns from entering recession. President of the European Central Bank, Mario dragi, said that risks to eurozone continue to threaten markets, while the inflation rate increase will be delayed. Germany’s Government bonds to yield negative sold 2029 of 0.05% versus 0.12% yield in the previous auction. Central banks seeking to press the button suggests it won’t be just the Central Bank of Japan and the ECB liquidity trap caught “, said Peter צ’אטוול, Director of European interest rate strategy mizoho international. “Our assessment may market in Europe is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. For many years, at least. The yield on 10-year u.s. bonds dropped 5 basis points to 2.37 percent, the lowest level since December 2010. The yield of the Government agenda of Germany fell by 3 basis points to a negative level of 0.05%, while the corresponding government agenda in New Zealand were 1.76 percent yield, the lowest level since at least 1985. The American agenda for 10 years now in low yield traded nine basis points from the Hague for three months in a way that deepens the U.S. yield curve inversion, the indicator is used extensively as a means of predicting the development of a recession.


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