Major comments of the ECB “dragi small patch not necessarily announce serious fall. The weakness in external demand, but had not yet “received reflected significantly in local demand. In recent months have raised the stakes. Progress in achieving the inflation target of the European Central Bank is delayed and went off the Rails, “said dragi. Labor, which is the main engine of consumption waterproof was slowing down. Dragi said that the reaction of the European Central Bank is carefully planned to respond to additional delays in the inflation convergence. In the case of significant deterioration, policy makers “adopt all the necessary monetary policy and suitable”. Chief Economist Peter Pratt (Peter Praet) said that details of the new stimulus plan in the long term of the Central Bank of Europe moved to the media “in due time”, depending on how the development of credit market forecasts. Vice President Luis de gindus (Luis de Guindos) said that while low interest rates are challenging the banks, the positive effects “so far have raised significant impacts.” Speaking in Vienna, said the monetary policy Board of Trustees, Ewald noutani (Nowotny In): “we do not accept only negative data, there is a sequence of mixed reports, so it’s important to wait.


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