Bitkoin Bitmain mining giant gave the issue on Hong Kong itmein’s request to conduct an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange expired yesterday, six months after submission • information obtained by Reuters, the company wanted to raise the issue of 3 billion shares in the industry: blocch itmein Still young. Proceedings reopened the issue in an appropriate time in future itmein Technologies Corporation (Bitmain Technologies), the world’s largest producer of mining equipment, and cryptographic coins yesterday (Tuesday) on request to make initial public stock offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong stock exchange, becoming the last Gospel Companies aren’t that withdrew from trading tochniotihan stock markets. Itmein’s request to conduct initial public offering expired yesterday, six months after the incident, according to information on the official website of the Hong Kong stock exchange. Itmein company, on its website, wrote: “We recognize that despite the enormous potential of the cryptographic industry and blocch, still is a relatively young industry, which proves the value. Reopened in the initial public offering at the appropriate time in the future. ” Sources previously told Reuters that the company seeks to raise 3 billion initial public offering. The itmein develops its chipset (ASIC) cryptographic coins mining and use in artificial intelligence (AI), also produces coins aren’t hardware and artificial intelligence, and some guest quarters mining. The


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