In Spain were surprised: what Ronaldo doing in Barcelona Juventus star, who was injured in Portugal are still trying to understand the severity of the injury to the thigh muscle, and chose to come to Catalonia’s capital to get a second opinion, Cristiano Ronaldo is in Barcelona. Juventus’s Portuguese star recovering from the injury these days that suffered under selected break and traveled to the capital of Catalonia in order to undergo further tests and to shed light on the severity of the injury to the thigh muscle. Beauvais although issued an official notice that this is not a serious injury and CR7 himself has already said that he intends to return to earlier plots. According to medical tests already Ronaldo, he suffers from minor muscle injury in his right leg and he decided to fly to Barcelona to get a second opinion as to infringe. Currently estimates are that Miss three League games with Juventus and will be fit for the game against Ajax in the Champions League quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Italy has quite a bit of enthusiasm that in 2013/14 won with Real Madrid in the Champions League (winning his first of four with the blancus) missing Portuguese for four games to end the season and Juventus certainly are hoping that history will repeat itself and the season.


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