pleasant to use. Standard mode performs the transfer gearbox calm, not pulling the engine to higher spheres. However, the response can be slow, especially when you need to download two gears at once. Completely solves the problem in sport mode it responds well in box and good timing. But the ‘ sport ‘ mode the high transmission and therefore, we found very convenient to leave the box in the normal state, and only if necessary, operate the gears using cranes. An EWOK models reach Israel with 4WD drive. Discreet sound engine, although wet wind noises. Driving screws to make a healthy Growl engine suitable for the orientation of sport ‘. The separate control allows an EWOK in four dynamic prtmarim: reaction sharp steering, pedals, gear box, and when appropriate algorithms also comfortably control. The electric steering is a little light on our behalf, probably with a wheel wheel so big. In sports mode is hardening and communicate better Given the margin of the ventral 21 inches and weight of 1,860 kilograms, an EWOK behaves very well on the road; There is a lot of a wheel, but it allows fluent and safe driving. SE version with forks algorithms discovered tail buds even naughty, nice and not intimidating. This feature is reflected in the rapid section of gravel that was used, this ranking of rally Acropolis. The Ewoks reach Israel with 18-inch hoops finishing level S and S + basic 20 hoops “the upscale SE level; I’m glad that “East” not exaggerate with sports and 21-inch hoops stiff (21-inch hoops are attached to shock bolami algorithms). The new grants an EWOK driving experience and a very good ride, it’s a quiet and refined, with potential sports driving. 240 diesel engine horsepower was excellent: powerful and fleshy, delivers its 50 low bin Qajar, loved. With 43 קג”מ be the 180 HP engine that gets Israel less succulent, but I suppose it will be pleasant to drive. Safety devices accessories including a save path with active auto brake repair and vehicle alert in dead. ” There is also an adaptive cruise control. In the future hybrid version will be fully loaded with petrol engine 3 Pistons; No due date.


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