Bugatti’s bluff in masterpiece unveiled Bugatti serial car world expensive, but one video from Geneva exhibition folding Queen exposed her naked. Who paid $18 million on a mobility scooter? When presented Bugatti the fart its current exclusive, called her and vitor Noir-black motor world’s breath away. The car is a homage to one of the most beautiful cars ever Bugatti Atlantic 57 her produced only four units, one disappeared during World War II. The black car soon in many remarkable numbers as indicating 110 years car maker. The W16 engine in 8.0 liters volume produces 1,500 horsepower and 163 קג”מ its propulsion is twofold and has double gearbox clutch seven-speed. Its acceleration to 100 km/h is 2.5 seconds, 200 km/h? 6.5 seconds to 300 km/h? No problem, at 13.6 seconds and if you continue to press the accelerator on the road long enough she will come to 420 km/h how to know she had so much power? Her name six ports to mufflers. Scooter expensive. But the number that turned everyone’s head was the price — $18 million and the speculation that the car was purchased by Ferdinand were former mouth of Volkswagen, which owns is Bugatti. I wonder if he got the employee. But after the applause and after tens of thousands of flashes sparkled on her body made from carbon fiber, one video posted by a blogger named SellerieCimes discovers that car actually not much more than a stunt and not going anywhere. Apparently, behind all these numbers isn’t really about a car that can move quickly on foot. This is a prototype distance according to estimates more than two years to be ready for production. She couldn’t stop herself, as seen in the video, the kalifrim together with the wheels themselves. So what was? A company that made a great public relations spin and someone very rich now makes some very unpleasant phone calls. On the other hand, there’s not much surprise, cars like Bugatti and vitor Noir never really acquired to hinag under any circumstances. Not a great loss to humanity.


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