Bizarre: the mighty danin as goalkeeper against mighty great sha’arayim danin danin due to injury of the two goalies coach to think outside the box and let the unofficial Mr FixIt. The Club surprised many releases and said: “the Board gave to the fall League” in class “a” League South could be special for Beitar Kfar Saba. One of the team’s players had to open as goalkeeper. The story by “double” band comes following the wounding of Concierge group Jeremy hauol suffering from a herniated disc and Matt wave that injured the groin. Earlier this week the coach ADI looking for creative solutions and was impressed with the ability of the great actor danin between sources. Danin is one of the few light points this season, played during the season in several different positions according to the wishes of the coach and had to open the gate, but yesterday (Monday) were surprised to discover that the Glasgow club chiefs told to several players, including identification of release immediate release due to financial problems. Danin took a line honors and environment claimed: “awesome never caught on the horns of the altar, and always gave everything for the good of the Club and in this case”. Among the players said: “these parole hearing that the Administration accepted the decline.”


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