Aston Martin DBS zgato. 29 million, pre-tax car manufacturer British sports build 19 special units of DBS. With exclusive, guaranteed and a monstrous price zgato design workshop celebrates 100 and Aston Martin the opportunity to super exclusive and expensive model. The DBS zgato Canal in Britain, GT so Aston Martin, 6 million pounds or shekels: around 29 million, before taxes. 19 units will be offered to the public, including clients. In auto-deal, the British importer, ensure that as each manufacturer’s model, that you can move to the Middle East. Local price nothing to talk for now. The illustration it frees British manufacturer introduces a vehicle based on the DBS soperlgra it used, which changes are requested – made by the designers and the design team of Aston Martin. According to the manufacturer, along with maintaining the appearance of the DBS, attempt to express the characteristic lines of workshop design and which won in past versions of the two shared. Selling and evaluates all DB4 GT-zgato introduced in 1960.


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