Ashtrom group jumped 7 percent following strong reports to 2018 the company introduced another strong quarter and summarized the year 2018 with 5.6% increase in revenues compared to 2017 to about 4 billion counts ashtrom Group (2,045 + 6.79%) jumped today about 7 percent during the trading on the stock exchange, after the company introduced another strong quarter and summed 2018 year with 5.6% increase in revenues compared to 2017 to approximately 4 billion. Ashtrom operates in several major areas: construction and infrastructure in Israel, concessions, construction and infrastructure, industries, residential development in Israel, residential real estate development, real estate investment, investment & real estate development investment through subsidiary of ashtrom properties will. Most of the increase in revenues came from income jump franchise sector to a level of about 183 million last year, compared to about 34 million only in 2017. Also in residential development in Israel (using air) posted growth of 23% in revenues in 2018 at about 855 million, and construction and infrastructure sector overseas, an increase of 84% in revenue to 364 million. However, income from activities of construction and infrastructure in Israel grew 4.4% in the previous year totaled 2.2 billion, particularly against the backdrop of delays in obtaining restraining orders on several projects started, and a decrease in performance in Gulf port project in relation to 2017, due to the progress of the project. Revenues in the mzagr industries grew by approximately 5% to 617 million. Gross income last year registered growth of 21.5 percent to 727 million (18.3% of income), and the bottom line of team registration 33% in net income to a level of about 312 million. Ashtrom enjoyed dabera year at approximately 33 million from selling its stake of the Echelon Corporation ashtrom, which held in the Riviera Hotel Holiday Inn Eilat and the dead sea, for approximately $122 million. In the section real estate investment value rise recorded profit of 173.3 million (in respect of assets realized), compared to an increase in value of about 141 million in 2017.


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