The Group’s work, to date, totaled 8 billion, compared to about 7.2 billion at the end of 2017. Ashtrom group is controlled by the founding families-Nussbaum, poet, Giron, Robin and Lifshitz-several months ago acquired their domains of the hysterical ashtrom, praising the Allied investment firm leads, Prof. Yitzhak suari. The company is led by ceo Gil Giron. Allied has sold 14.5% description for approximately 200 million, in early September last year. Since the trade of stock registration is 30%, the progress of 160% in three years, and the company’s companions came to 1.7 billion. The company’s equity at the end of the year stood at approximately 1.9 billion. What are looking for those who are moving to Tel Aviv after the children grow up? With the publication of the reports of the Board of Directors has approved a dividend of description about 104 million to shareholders, distributed to shareholders the company during April. Rami Nussbaum, Chairman of ashtrom, said today that “during the year we made investments in acquiring land for development projects using streaming, the expansion franchise sector assets and income-producing assets and entrepreneurial projects by ashtrom properties totaling more than a billion and a half. These investments, together with the work of the group, contribute to the continued growth and profitability of the group in the coming years in all sectors of activity.


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