index and 500 S&P. Case-Shiller index of prices in the U.S. increased by 0.2% in January this year compared to December–the lowest level since 2012. In the three months that ended in January, case-Shiller index increased by 4.3% compared to the same period a year earlier. Market forecasts were for an increase of 4.2%. Construction starts of new homes in the U.S. fell by 9 percent in February, below the level of a year ago, which trigger the slowdown in the American real estate market. Construction starts fell to a rate of 1.16 million homes in February, while the market forecasts were for a rate of 1.12 million homes. The investment house Piper Jeffrey began to cover the inbidia building that recently purchased the lananos, and review purchasing Mellanox looks promising and could give a boost in data center of inbdia activities. 12:30 European stock trading in lifts, while the Dax climbed 0.16 percent, on rising 0.6 percent ….. and potsie are done scheming up 0.18 percent at. In the foreign exchange market, rising 0.3 percent in the third against the dollar to $1.323; The dollar index (DXY) lost 0.15 percent. 13 futures contracts on leading indices on Wall Street traded currently slight, when contracts for Dow Jones industrial average climbing 0.5% on. European bourses opened 10:30 at negative trend when the top measures, posti (7,171.14-0.35%), Western jackdaw (5,288.5-0.36%) and Dax (11,393-0.23%) traded below zero. Asian exchanges closed trading in a mixed trend and volatility is very high, the Nikkei index (21,378.73-0.23%) jumped 2.15 percent, at Shanghai (3,022.7196 + 0.86%) plunged 1.5% while the Heng Seng (28,728.25 + 0.56%) locks slightly above zero. Nintendo stock (31,350-1.72%) jumped 4.76 percent after a report the company will ship two versions of the popular sovittz console. Toyota (6,623-2.03%) rose 2.27%. Samsung stock fell 0.55 percent following a warning that fail to meet forecasts for the current quarter. 07:30


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